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How to make a scarecrow with Fênsie

Written by  Fênsie
| in Selfdoen
| February 10, 2015

Make your own scarecrow.

What you will need:

• Old paint tins (1 x 5L, 4 x 250ml and 4 x 1L)
• Thin and thick wire
• Old fruit juice boxes, cooldrink tins, small CD's and tin lids
• Dulux Enamel Gloss and Dulux Hammerite paint
• Paint brushes and thinners to wash
• Strong fast bond glue and eyelet screw
• Colourful ribbon and buttons for eyes, bottle cap for nose
• Sticks and cable ties to secure
• Cork and thumbnails for pin wheels



        Use one 1L tin painted with Hammerrite paint
Take the 100cm strong wire - bend in half and twist eyelet in the middle - bend open and wrap around lip of the tin - twist to secure where the wire meets and twist tail end to secure a small weight at the end of the wire as counter balance. The counter balance should not be too heavy, nor should the wire be too long - adjust until optimized.
        Pierce the lip of the tin to secure the nose with a screw, cut a small CD in two to create eyebrows and stick with strong fast-dry glue.
        Cut two slits to fit the lid-ears by inserting the lip of the lids and sticking it down with fast-dry glue.
        Wait for glue to set properly then paint the face.

feb-tuin-scare-1Body & Legs:

feb-tuin-scare-2        Take the 5L tin and sand down before painting with Dulux Enamel Gloss, cut a cross in the bottom of the tin - this will the hole that will secure the planter stick.
        Pierce 4 x 2 small holes for the legs to feed the thin wire that will secure the tin legs.
        Pierce a small hole into the lip of the 5L tin to turn in the eyelet screw - slightly bend it open to make a small hook from which the head can dangle.
        Pierce 4 x 2 holes in base of the tin that will serve to secure the tail to the body.
        The collar is made like a paper lantern from a 1L juice or milk container that has been folded in half and each has a 2cm border down the length that has also been folded in.
        Flatten the paper again and cut evenly spaced slits leaving the 2 cm border. The border gets folded in and stuck together with fast bond glue and the fan should bend in the middle along the 1st fold. Glue the collar on last, after the 5L body tin has been decorated and the paint has dried.
        Take the tins 2 x 250 ml for the legs - these should first be painted and decorated and left to dry properly. Then pierce two holes in the base of each, through which the cable tie can be fed and tightened to fit leg parts together. Use the loop of the cable tie (inside the tine) to feed through the thin wire and then attach to the 5L tin through the small holes by twisting wire ends together on the inside of the tin, repeat this for all four legs.


        2 x Short sticks secured criss-cross against a longer stick with a screw and wood glue.
        Make four pinwheels from the plastic milk bottle by cutting them open and using the flat part of the bottle body, you can paint it with oil paint, push the thumbnail through.
        Use the thumbnail to pin the plastic pinwheel and the cork to the wooden stick.


        Use the cable ties to fasten the longer tail's stick by drilling 2 holes x 2 and feeding them through holes in either side of the stick and around the stick then pull tight.
        Hook the eyelet of the head wire onto the little hook in 5L tin and let it dangle.
        Punch the planter stick through the cross cut to mount the scarecrow in your garden.