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Ek met my herfskombersie

Die herfs is hier, die dae is korter, die aande en oggende is koeler en die tuin geniet ’n welkom blaaskans van die intense hitte en min water. Maar dit beteken nie dat jy agteroor kan sit en ontspan nie.

Time to get your hands dirty

Autumn is here and while in some parts of the country it is still pretty hot, March is the ideal month to get to work preparing your garden for the upcoming winter.

Fruit and veg gardening - why buy when you can grow?

With the weak rand and South Africa in the middle of a devastating drought, food prices are set to increase by significant margins in the coming months. Now, more than ever, it makes sense to grow your own.

A hassle-free holdiay home garden

If you are in the fortunate position of owning a beach house or holiday home along our beautiful coastline, you’ll know the effort it takes to maintain the garden when you are only there a few times a year. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to keeping your holiday home garden healthy and thriving all year long.

10 Ways to Breathe New Life into Brick

While brand new brick driveways or patios can look beautiful, old worn brick areas can be cold and dull; a real eyesore, detracting from the aesthetics of your house or garden. Pulling everything up and re-doing it is of course a very costly exercise, which makes it tempting to simply leave it as it is. But in this age of recycling and upcycling, there are a number of great creative ideas to liven up a bricked area without breaking the bank.

The grass is greener on the small side

When you have a large garden, you can see certain elements from a distance and design is less important. But designing a small space is a lot more difficult and requires careful planning and harmony.  

The growing trend of vegetable gardens

If you don’t already grow your own vegetable garden, what are you waiting for? No matter where you live, how small your space, immaculate your garden, or limited your budget, there is always a way for you to grow your own fresh, healthy,
organic food.

Playing chicken

Chickens are easy and inexpensive pets to keep, and more and more South Africans are seeing the advantages of raising their own backyard brood.

Organiese verbouing - Idealisme of werkbare alternatief?

Elke generasie het sy revolusies en vir die 2000’s, veral die huidige dekade, is een van die groot treffrases ‘organies’.

Shopping in nature

As dry and desolate as the West Coast is in summer, after the first winter rains it starts transforming into a bright landscape of colour and texture, and surprisingly – an indigenous bounty of edible plants.

Sensational Citrus

Citrus trees are surprisingly easy to grow, if you follow a few basic rules. Why not get planting and enjoy fresh, juicy citrus fruits from your very own garden?

Get creative with water-saving succulents

Turn your garden into a work of art with succulents, stones and bits and pieces from your travels, around the home and scrap heap.

A suburban paradise

As people, we are constantly striving to create a feeling of harmony and tranquillity in our lives; to de-stress, relax and just be. But in today’s fast-paced times, this is no easy feat.

Lewende Meubels - Maak stap vir stap jou eie groenstoel

Dit lyk deesdae of almal “groen” wil wees, en hoewel dit dalk na ʼn cliché klink, is daar goeie rede daarvoor. Hoe meer jy plant, hoe kleiner raak jou koolstofvoetspoor en hoe meer help jy om die negatiewe impak van die moderne lewe op die omgewing te verklein.

Wonderful waste

Contribute to South Africa’s recycling efforts by finding creative ways to re-use packaging.

Scaring Crows (and fascinating people) for more than 3000 years

Scarecrows have been used by humans for thousands of years to help save their crops by “scaring off” hungry birds and - depending on the era and cultural influence - warding off crop diseases, ensuring a long spring or keeping evil spirits away.

Gardening in small spaces

This month we are looking at another aspect of gardening – how to create a garden in a small space.

Summertime and the livin is easy

Preparing your garden for the joys of summer living. Spring is a notable time in any garden. It is not difficult to see that everything is coming back to life after the cold chills of winter. As the days get longer, the soil temperatures go up, and this triggers renewed life.

Tree of life - a celebration of trees - Arbor Day

As long as I have been involved in horticulture, September has always been synonymous with Arbor Day.

The rites of Spring - Sowing and planting

All over the world spring is associated with that time of year when garden seeds are sown.

Downloadable Sowing guide Spring 2014

Guide to planting and sowing this Spring - PDF download available

The medicinal use of plants

It is difficult to imagine a time when we did not have access to after-hours pharmacies and the convenience of pharmacies in our local supermarkets and shopping centres.

Cut away dead wood

As long as gardeners have been cultivating crops they have been developing various techniques in order to manipulate their crops to suit their needs.

Your garden - not just a pretty face!

We all love a lush, colourful garden and spend a lot of time and effort to achieve one.

Waterwys en waterbewus

Toe ek, as tuinier, nagedink het oor die onderwerp van waterwystuinmaak en probeer het om die aard en formaat van hierdie artikel te konseptualiseer, het ek nie geweet waar om te begin nie.

They are what they eat

As long as farmers have been farming they have tried various methods to improve the plant nutrition in their crops.

Turfgras by die huis

Die meeste van ons hou van die idee van ’n sagte, groen grasperk in ons tuin, maar in die meeste gevalle weet ons dat die werklikheid ’n heeltemal ander storie is. Dit is belangrik om te besef dat ’n grasperk wat ’n piekniek waardig is, ’n bietjie beplanning, deeglike voorbereiding en voortdurende instandhouding verg.